Sunrise Tilos

Monastery of St. Panteleimon

The most important pilgrimage of the island is the monastery of St. Panteleimon, isolated on the green slope of the hill Kryallos. The church, the type of cruciform with a dome, dates from at least the late 15th century, under exceptional murals discovered in 1986 in the narthex.

The island has more than 100 painted churches, the most important of which, except those already mentioned, are the namesake Saint Vassilios position (15th century), St. Nicholas in Xeili (15th century), Agia Triada (13th century), the Taxiarchis in Kampos (15th century), St. Varvara in Sanianous (13th century), St. Nicholas in Misoskali (14th century), Agia Triada in Kampos (14th century), St. Nicholas of Megalo Chorio Michalantou in (15th century), and St. Anne in Kastelli (14th century).