Sunrise Tilos

Charkadio Cave

The cave Charkadio is located between the Grand Chorio and Livadia in an area covered with volcanic lava and is 3.5 km from the port. In 1971 after excavations by Nikolaos Symeonidis and George Theodorou discovered neolithic tools and bones of dwarf elephants and deer. These findings date back to 8000-7000 BC, located in the Paleontology Museum. Did elephants live in Tilos? With the excavations by the Museum of Geology and Paleontology, University of Athens in collaboration with Natural History Museum of Vienna, Cave Charkadio brought to light 15,000 bones from 40 dwarf elephants which had a height from 120 to 150 cm and fell to the type Palaeloxodon antiquus falconi BUSK. Other animals that were found in the excavation but in deeper places, were deer that died before the elephants reached the island  They also found bones of turtles and fragments of tusks.