The village of Livadia quietly hugs the coast near the port at the foot of the mountains that rise above the beach. Looking east, rising up through the Aegean Sea are  the mountains of Turkey and Symi.The Agiosykias Castle dominates the top of the mountain above the village, vigilant guardian of the last six hundred years. The great Italian architecture of the Police Department at the port of Tilos is the reminiscent of the Italian occupation of the island from 1912 until 1948. The beach of Livadia and the warm, crystal clear waters welcome the visitor. Livadia is located in the port, which after the recent reconstruction, provide better and safer services for berthing ferry boats and yachts.
Strolling the streets of the village, you will find many inns, taverns and some cafeterias overlooking the beach or scattered in the village, supermarkets and shops where you can buy beautiful gifts, local delicacies and artistic creations. Also, at the port you will find the local service office.

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